SAF1/02 Cortex

P Series - Stainless Steel - 47 mm

SAF1/02 Cortex
SAF1/02 Cortex
SAF1/02 Cortex
SAF1/02 Cortex
SAF1/02 Cortex
SAF1/02 Cortex

SAF1/02 Cortex

¥1,800.00 CNY

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  • Specifications
  • Description
  • NFC Chip
  • Square Frame: Crystal clear polished acetate frame • Matt stainless steel inner rim. • Inserted silver polished square-cushion shape signature.
  • Temple: 145mm. "7F" icon logo on each temple has architectural trellis core wire in horizontal brushed stainless steel Crystal clear polished and matte acetate merge together with a black matte acetate temple tip. "7F" icon logo on the inside left temple.
  • Lenses: CR39 warm green lenses with blue anti-reflective coating on the inside. • Category 3 • 100% UVA/UVB protective lenses.
  • NFC CHIP: NFC Chip embedded in the left temple tip allows authenticity verification via the SEVENFRIDAY App and the NFC scanning station.
  • Packaging: Packaged in a collapsible natural cork box with red cleaning cloth.

SAF1/02 a.k.a “CORTEX” -  纯净、透明、利落的金属线条, 拥有一如思想家的精准判断力。时尚风格中难掩刚硬的气质,符合配戴者坚定不移的内在自信。

以电影 “Godfellas” 为系列命名, 三款太阳眼镜风格各异, 就如同电影剧情, 一个最具活力的“团队”是建立在多样角色的基础上- 外貌、脑力、体能。Godfella’s 系列成员在镜脚处体验了建筑式结构设计, 方中带圆型的镜框造型, 不论休闲或正装场合, 都能随心佩戴。


Watch in connection with the SEVENFRIDAY App, thanks to an NFC chip embedded in the caseback, allowing secured authentication and registration.

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