White Backpack

P Series - Stainless Steel - 47 mm

White Backpack

White Backpack

¥780.00 CNY

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材质: 白色PVC层压塑料

颜色: 白色及蓝色

尺寸: 30.5 (L) cm x 16 (W) cm x 62(H) cm

重量: 0.58公斤

白色与蓝色搭配的SEVENFRIDAY防水背包以Yacht Club II为灵感,正面船锚图案,非常适合乘坐游艇、帆船或在海滩俱乐部度假使用。


Watch in connection with the SEVENFRIDAY App, thanks to an NFC chip embedded in the caseback, allowing secured authentication and registration.

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Extend your watch warranty for 1 Year

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